Is OBAMA lying or being fooled?

Is OBAMA lying or being fooled?

Obama on June 15th 2010: “The beaches are white and the ocean blue … people come on down for vacation …”

No matter what, OBAMA should not ask people to come for vacation to a place that is likely going to see lots of oil in the very near future. The air quality also plays an important role because oil and dispersants are highly toxic and rain, wind and storms will bring all that to places far inland as well. Obama should make sure that the hotels can be booked out with the “clean-up-Workers” not the tourists and children playing at the beaches who most probably suffer consequences in the future.

If you live in Pensacola or currently are visiting, we would like to find out about the truth. Please let us know what YOU know. Thank you.

OBAMA speech/video on June 15th:

This video shows the oiled beaches of Pensacola on June 12th:

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