call for: “New World Maritime Law”

August 1st, 2010

I am calling for a “New World Maritime Law” to step in when there is global pollution occurring anywhere on planet earth!

We need to get independent scientific teams, equipment, cameras and tools, not owned or operated by BP, companies or  governments, to gather data and knowledge shared with us all.

The world has a right to know what is really happening when pollution occurs; in the example of the polluted waters of the Gulf of Mexico traveling via the Loop Current to Europe and far beyond, therefore we all have the unrestricted right to know and investigate the truth!

I sincerely believe, that for the benefit of all, we should have ‘independent world wide pollution and environmental expert scientist teams’, voted only by all the people in each country and continent, 7 selected ECO/SCI-Teams deployed and granted access to study the situation in the Gulf of Mexico, Mexico Coasts, Cuba, the Caribbean, along the course of the Loop Current, the northeastern coastal regions of the US, along and around the Loop Current passing over from one continent, the United States of America, traveling via Europe where the currents continue along the West Coast of Europe towards the  Mediterranean Sea and into all world oceans eventually, distributing pollutants that belong to the:

“Greatest Environmental Disaster in the History of the United  States”.

We need an immediate ‘Secured Global Emergency Budget’ for a world wide investigation research mission, we also need a Fair Act of Freedom of Investigation of Pollutants, for the  Benefit of the Global Community and Preservation of Planet Earth, its Ecosystem, Living Beings and the Atmosphere”.

Something ‘humble’, something considerate, and a way to prove:

“We want to Live on Planet Earth, so Planet Earth is granted priority on our ‘To-Do’ list”! The perfect summary would be: “RESPECT”

“Respect means no harm and no harm means harmony!”

sv 08/01/10


June 24th, 2010


“The oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico is not a local US problem, but a world wide disaster that will affect everyone of us and in so many terrible ways!

Today we do not YET really understand the magnitude of this unprecedented change of life on planet earth.

From the destruction of the food chain to the extreme impact of our climate and the pollution of our worlds oceans beyond comprehension, we urgently NEED the HELP and SUPPORT of the entire world to mitigate this disaster NOW!

Without a global understanding, that MAJOR CHANGES and PROMISES to keep them have to be initiated TODAY, as of the current situation outlook and in the ways we are thinking … we need YOU to be TRUE BELIEVERS!”

“I have spent 65 days covering the oil disaster 24/7, and after 150 Million Gallons of Oil and 1,4 Million Gallons of toxic dispersants polluting our future, I hope that we now all are TRUE BELIEVERS and:


Let’s get started NOW!

Stefanie Voigt,  June 24th 2010

Samantha Martin – Tribal Voice and Aboriginal Healing

June 18th, 2010
Unique Event
Samantha Martin – Tribal Voice and Aboriginal Healing
“Samantha is bringing her focus to our Mother Earth and our Marine Life in the Gulf of Mexico …. it is time to give back!”

Samantha Martin & Michael Butler visiting Munich/Germany:
June 23rd – 24th 2010

Location: Munich/Germany
Date: 23. June – 24. June 2010

Samantha & Michael will also offer a very unique
Aboriginal Energetic Treatment to anyone interested, please read the flyer:  please click to see the flyer
Contact Samantha Martin & Michael Butler:
More details:


Michael Butler:
“Samantha has been given the gift of healing from her late Grandfather who was a very, very well known and renowned Traditional Aboriginal Healers/Shaman’s of our time and I accompany her with the Didgeridoo and it’s healing Vibrations and the American Indian Flute with a blissful mediation. This treatment is unique and it is coming to your town soon!”

BP Dispersants @ DWH – 06-16-2010

June 16th, 2010


Surface dispersant used: more than 885,000 gallons

Subsea dispersant used: more than 413,000 gallons

Total dispersant used: more than 1,298,000 gallons

Is OBAMA lying or being fooled?

June 16th, 2010

Is OBAMA lying or being fooled?

Obama on June 15th 2010: “The beaches are white and the ocean blue … people come on down for vacation …”

No matter what, OBAMA should not ask people to come for vacation to a place that is likely going to see lots of oil in the very near future. The air quality also plays an important role because oil and dispersants are highly toxic and rain, wind and storms will bring all that to places far inland as well. Obama should make sure that the hotels can be booked out with the “clean-up-Workers” not the tourists and children playing at the beaches who most probably suffer consequences in the future.

If you live in Pensacola or currently are visiting, we would like to find out about the truth. Please let us know what YOU know. Thank you.

OBAMA speech/video on June 15th:

This video shows the oiled beaches of Pensacola on June 12th: